Photos and Herbal Recognition

Some people are expert at identifying herbs at just a glance. You can become proficient, too, at recognizing herbs if you know what you're looking at in the first place. The educational library at includes pictures of herbs that can help you become familiar with the appearance of natural herbs, both green and flowering. Our album of herb pictures is almost as extensive as our collection of educational and informative outlines that explain the uses of herbs for nutrition, health and healing purposes.

As you know, is home to one of the most comprehensive list of herbs and herbal remedies you'll find anywhere. We've added photos of herbs as part of that list to further enhance the usefulness of the information you'll find on our site. These pictures are especially useful for the herb-growing novice. When you've never grown your own herbs, you won't know what to expect once your herb seeds start sprouting. With the images you'll find at, though, you'll be able to track your plants' progress like a pro.