Could Californians be waking up to the fact that fracking is very dangerous and destructive.
by ADAM G  06-Jan-2015

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Los Angeles, CA — The Los Angeles Superior Court ruled in favor of La Habra Heights residents today by rejecting deceptive oil and gas-backed verbiage from being included in a March 2015 ballot hearing. The Court ordered the City to revise the language to make it more straight-forward. The community-proposed initiative aims to ban new oil and gas development, including high-intensity oil mining like fracking and acid well stimulation that are linked to serious negative environmental and health conditions. 


This victory is a direct result of  Earthjustice and La Habra Heights Oil Watch, and the Center for Biological Diversity lawsuit against language that would have deceived the public into thinking that “The Healthy City Initiative,” otherwise known as Measure A, covers a wide scope of the industry than it actually does.  To spell it out… “The Healthy City Initiative,” otherwise known as Measure A are deceptive business people who will do anything they can to turn a profit. 


“Enough is enough. The oil industry needs to stop,” said Earthjustice attorney Adrian Martinez. “The La Habra Heights community voted to put a ban on new fracking on the ballot. I’m glad that with today’s ruling, come March, residents should know the exact impact of what they are voting for, so they can stand for or against rampant and invasive oil and gas development.”   Hopefully the days of incredibly harmful bills being passed in the footnotes of other bills will be behind us.


“Air, water, and health—that’s what’s at stake,” said Center for Biological Diversity attorney Hollin Kretzmann. “New oil and gas development and high-intensity operations like fracking put us at harms way.  Period.   Now, voters can determine at the ballot box if they want Fracking, without being misled by oil industry language.”  


“This ruling is a victory for residents that want to preserve the green and peaceful community we love,” said La Habra Heights Oil Watch spokeswoman Kathy Steele. “We organized residents together to support the Healthy City Initiative, so that we can stop further development of negatively impactful drilling developments from destroying it.” 


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