Q & A: Melissa Lori
by Amy Brodish  16-Dec-2014

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1.  Name :  Melissa Lori

2. Profession:  Model

3. Nationality:  Caucasian
4. 2015 resolution?  To be completely positive about every situation I am encountered with.
5.  2015 Goal:   Take over the world! :) Chase all my dreams
6. Fav Indoor activity:   Watching movies, eating, shopping, cuddling lol
7. Favorite outdoor activity :   Walking, catching some rays, I really love site seeing and traveling
8. Dogs vs Cats -   Dogs all the way.
9. What supplements do you take and why?   I really only take daily vitamins such as Vitmanic C, B12, allergy medication, and probitoics.
10.  Weights vs classes and what is your favorite body part to work out and why?   Classes. I love working out core (abs); when my stomach is tight and lean, I feel good. I think because I am so petite it is important I stay tight and compact lol. I am obsessed with crunches.
11. Favorite food.   I honestly love all kinds of food; but the one thing I have to have every day is chocolate.
12. When are you happiest?  When I am with my loved ones! When you are surrounded by good people, you could be sitting on the couch and having the time of your life.
13. How many hours of sleep a night?    I try to get 8-10. I loveeee sleeping
14. How much water do you drink?   I love water and try to drink it as much as possible, although sometimes I get busy in my day and do not drink enough.
15.  What do you hope to get from herbalist.com ?   I hope to maybe try some new things and see if it improves my overall health and mood. I could always use extra energy in my busy life. Also, I can test out products and give recommendations to others wanting to try certain supplements.
16. Do you worry about cardio vascular health?   Of course I do, I worry about every aspect of the body.


17. Do you have any joint issues?  What do you do for it?    No thank goodness


18. Do you have a healthy belly?  What made your start taking probiotics?      I believe I do but years ago I was having stomach issues. Stomach problems run in my family and for years I suffered from belly aches and pains, indigestion, etc so I began taking probiotics and it made such a difference.


Photographer: Loren Kahle 


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