Blackberry extract has antibacterial effects
by Dr. Jagdev Singh  09-Aug-2014

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Blackberries are very nutritious edible fruits produced by the species in the Rubus genus and Rosaceae family. Like other berries, they have many health benefits. You can use blackberries in salads, eat as fruit and make juice from them. You can drink the blackberry juice blending with apple and kiwi juices. Blackberries are a good reservoir of positive energy and essential vitamins and minerals. They also contain fiber content in them that helps to keep digestive tract healthy.


A new research has found blackberries beneficial effects in infections, especially oral infections. Blackberries extract has shown positive effects to ward off the infections of the oral cavity. The research study was published in Journal of Periodontal Research.


Although science does not have any shortage in antimicrobial agents and antibacterial agents that can provide a relief from a wide range of infections and work as broad-spectrum antibiotics, but due to their side effects, they are less preferred by the educated public. They also have many limitations when they used for a prolonged period. The prolong use of antibiotics result in many abnormal effects in the body, even some antibiotics cause blisters in the mouth and gums. Limitations in their antibiotic use for prolonged periods have stimulated the search for some natural substances that can help equally, effectively and more safely. The science also strives to trap the natural occurring things that can be used as medicines safely.


Natural substances like blackberries may have a few side effects and yet no adverse effects are reported with the use of blackberry extract. However, fruits, vegetables and other natural, edible things are safer in their natural form and they do have unwanted effects in extract form or unnatural form. However, they may have a fewer side effects as compared to laboratory based medicines, researcher suggested.


In the research conducted by scientists at Department of Oral Health Practice, Center for Oral Health Research, College of Dentistry, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA, they have found the antibacterial properties of the blackberry extract in vitro. Blackberry extract can be used for diseases of the gums and other structures around the teeth, according to the report released in the Journal of Periodontal Research.


In this study, the effects of blackberry extract on the metabolism of about 10 different bacteria were assessed using the colorimetric water-soluble tetrazolium-1 assay. The degree to which blackberry extract is toxic to bacterial cells was determined in oral epithelial cells. The bactericidal effects on bacteria Fusobacterium nucleatum were evaluated by measuring the numbers of colony forming units.


The results were recorded and scientist found that the blackberry extract had reduced the metabolic activity of Fusobacterium nucleatum, Porphyromonas gingivalis and Streptococcus mutans. The reduction in numbers of the bacterial colonies was observed under this experiment, which indicates that the blackberry extract has bactericidal effects. The viability of oral epithelial cells was not lowered following the exposure to the whole blackberry extract.




Blackberry extract has bactericidal effects, which is demonstrated by altering the metabolic activity of pathogens that cause oral and gum related problems. In this study, blackberry extract has shown antibacterial characteristics. Other studies also suggest that Blackberry extract possesses the anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties in addition to bactericidal effects. Blackberry extracts can be used as an adjuvant agent to cure the problems of the oral cavity.

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