Eating Nuts May Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk
by Dr. Anu Saini  13-Jun-2014

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Cancer is also known as malignant neoplasia in medical parlance; cancer is a deadly disease, which involves unregulated cell growth. In the disease, cell grows and multiplies uncontrollably in a random manner and this leads to formation of tumor. The worst thing about cancer is that it can spread across the body to distant parts also and affect the functioning of the entire human body.


There are over 200 different types of cancer, which can happen in a human. Some of the types are brain cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and many more.


Pancreatic Cancer - Its symptoms and risks


Pancreatic Cancer is a cancer pancreas, where cells arise in tissues due to abnormal growth and multiplication. It is one of the most common types of cancer, which is found in human and is often risky, as it does not form any symptoms, which can help the doctors to identify. Some of the symptoms, which help identify Pancreatic Cancer risk, are pain in upper abdomen, acid stomach, feeling of nausea, weight loss, etc. Age is one of the factors for pancreatic cancer risk. As a person grows, the chances of getting pancreatic cancer increase with ages. Consumption of excessive alcohol is also found to be a cause of pancreatic cancer.


Eating nuts can help to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer


There are certain things, which can help you reduce the risk of getting pancreatic cancer. Several research studies have found that eating nuts can help in reducing the chance of getting cancer. There are certain types of good fats that are found in nuts. Research has found that eating nuts has reduced the chance of getting cancer to a great extent in women. Consuming one ounce of nut twice in a week helps to reduce the chance of getting pancreatic cancer by almost 35 per cent.


Almond nuts are a rich source of fibers, protein, fat (which is healthy for the heart and blood), vitamins and minerals. Research carried out in the US, UK figured out that the potassium content in nuts helps in controlling blood pressure, and other problems related to heart. Eating nuts can help control the body metabolism that in turn helps to minimize the pancreatic cancer risk.


It has been found that women consuming 23 nuts weekly ensure the right amount of fat, including potassium reaches the body to control heart related issues. In addition, fiber coupled with vitamins help in stopping cancer cells to produce. This in turn results in lowering pancreatic cancer risk.




To conclude, we can say that there is undoubtedly some relief for people afraid of the deadly disease cancer. It is a world known fact that cancer cannot be cured easily and people getting cancer dies because detecting cancer at the earliest stage is very complex. However, as it is rightly said, “prevention is better than cure”; one can always protect them from the deadly disease. Consumption of nuts helps you reduce the probability of getting cancer. Several nutrients present in nuts like Vitamins, fats, fibers etc make them a right material for the body. It helps keep your blood pressure under control while maintaining a healthy heart and also lowers the risk of generating cancer cells.

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