Snacking On Almonds May Decrease Appetite
by Dr. Matthew  Schmitz  30-May-2014

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With peach, apricot, and cherry falling under the drupe family, almond is also one of their relatives, which holds a number of health benefits. The beneficial factor that recent studies have opened up is that they never stand to be a reason for weight gain. They may decrease appetite and craving for foods.


Advantages of Almonds


They are known to be famous nutritious food, which possesses good levels of monounsaturated fat. The key advantage is that these monounsaturated fats have advantageous effects on blood lipids. They do not increase cholesterol and do not have any ill effects on coronary artery. They are good fats.


Researchers have made it clear that sweet almonds act as a cholesterol-lowering agent, though the amount of consumption is not very clear. Consumption of almond of 1 ounce a day would surely enhance vitamin E levels and good fat in the body. Vitamin E has the capacity to protect the cells from oxidative stress. This snack fills the stomach and decrease appetite with very less risk for weight gain.


Research and Analysis


Research and analysis came into the scene when 137 people with type 2 diabetes were assigned to take 43 grams of almonds in their daily schedule either with breakfast, lunch or just as a snack. Another consequence was, not to eat it at all for four weeks. The results such as appetite responses, oral glucose tolerance tests and more details were recorded before and after the session after four weeks.




Effects were astonishing and beneficial, which marked that almonds are one of the best snack. First, it possesses the capacity to reduce blood sugar responses after intake. The responses were extraordinary after they were consumed as a snack. The other key advantage is that when they were taken as a snack, the decrease in appetite was observed. People had also felt the low urge to eat.


Almond category possesses mono unsaturated fats and alpha-tocopherol to an increased level, which is essential and advantageous for humans. The results were praised by researchers and they were considered to be a good snack ever.


Opt For Good Snacks


Snacking has become a daily routine behavior, it is good to learn and take snacks, which do not put on weight. Almonds are considered the best snack, which decreases appetite where hunger levels are decreased and one never gains weight.


With such advantageous facts, it is suggested that people can move over to it as a snack when equated to other snack items. Snack items contain more of fat and cholesterol, which is unhealthy and a reason for heart and other diseases. Almonds are a good snack, according to several research studies. Families who are health conscious can always include almonds in their daily diet.

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