Drinking Linked to Increased Cognitive Decline
by Dr. Anu Saini  15-May-2014

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Alcoholic beverages typically contain 3-50 per cent of alcohol (also known as ethanol). These beverages are divided into certain categories. The main categories are elucidated below:



The bear is an alcoholic drink that is prepared by the process of fermentation of sugar. It is also prepared using fruits like grapes and cereals. It is one of the most commonly used alcoholic beverages globally. The alcohol content in the drink is comparatively low.


Liquor (also known as distilled beverage)

As the name suggests, this type of drink is prepared by distillation of the mixture, which is produced during the process of alcoholic fermentation carried out to manufacture wine.



It is manufactured using fruit juices like grapes. These fruits are fermented without sugar due to their chemical composition. Some of the other materials by which wine is produced are rice, apple, barley etc.


Alcohol and its side effects

There is a proverb, which says, "Anything done in excess is not good for human body". Similarly, excess consumption of alcohol or regular consumption of alcohol is not good for human body. Some of the problems, which are a result of excessive drinking, are difficulty in walking, slurred speech, memory impairment, unclear or blurred vision etc.


Cognitive decline

One of the serious problems related to drinking is cognitive decline. Cognitive decline in men is seen as a result of excessive drinking, where daily excessive consumption of alcohol damages the brain. As a result of this, the capacity of remembering things declines gradually.


Scientifically, it is proven that consumption of alcohol in excess of 35 grams is harmful for the body, especially mental health. This leads to cognitive decline in men, which can ultimately lead to various other social and mental problems.


It is important to note here that as the amount of alcohol increase, the impairment of brain increases.


Commonly, it is seen that alcohol produces memory impairment right after 2-3 drinks where alcohol interferes with the communication of the brain. This interference is the reason for a change in mood or behavior of the individual. Several surveys have been carried out by organizations across the globe to understand the impact of alcohol. It is found that over 51 per cent of the people experience blackouts during their lifespan. Further, it was also deduced that despite the fact that the consumption of alcohol in men was significantly higher as compared to women, the blackout ratio came out to be equal. This indicates the greater vulnerability of women’s brain as compared to men.



Consumption of alcohol is not good for the human brain. Not only, brain, but also alcohol affects several other body organs, but its effect has been highest in the brain. Drinking may result in loss of memory and lead to blackout in life. Excessive and regular drinking in men has resulted in Cognitive Decline in Men, which is becoming a serious issue. Several studies have been carried out in the domain and it is found that beyond a limit of 35 grams, consumption of alcohol can be fatal. It will gradually take control of the brain while making it weak due to which the person loses stability.

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