Thyroid Hormones Identified in Dietary Supplements
by Dr. Jagdev Singh  24-Apr-2014

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Various advertisements displaying in media may contain thyroid hormones, a new study revealed the secret. These supplement products are sold in the name of natural boosters for the thyroid that improves the metabolism of the body and reduces fat. They would be having ingredients of sufficient quantity of thyroid hormones. These hormones are responsible for regulating the metabolisms. Thyroxin (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) are detected in laboratory examination, a new study has divulged.


Pituitary glands and hypothalamus are responsible for controlling of thyroid hormones. One of the essential features about Endocrine system is that it is controlling negative responses or the feedback. It means that a gland, which stimulates so much of hormones through the glands, is generally shutoff, so that they do not produce extra hormones.


Tips for finalizing your Supplements

There are numerous supplements, which are available for the Thyroid hormone issues and are currently being sold out in the market online itself. Some of the facts, which need to be taken care of before going ahead with the supplements, are as under:


1.      You should ensure that it should be GMP certified, which stands for Good Manufacturing practices. When such certification is provided to supplements, it specifies that they are maintaining the quality standards that are set by dietary supplements. They help in finding out their strength, purity, composition and identity.

2.    These standards are set to check out proper ingredients, check out for the contamination of the product, labeling product with proper information and packaging it properly.

3.    In case you are purchasing a plant product then also you should ensure that you are purchasing the product, which is organic certified. Certification part is really important and crucial with regards to extract of the plant.

4.    Also ensure to check that its laboratory testing has been done and that too independently. Consumers trust is crucial and should be taken care.


When do people go ahead with Supplements?

Many individuals go ahead with dietary supplements, when they are suffering from increasing weight, facing a difficult time to get out of bed in the morning, when they feel sluggish. When such symptoms are witnessed then individuals move towards some dietary supplements.


As the supplements are promising jump-start metabolisms for bolstering their thyroids with the mix of Minerals and vitamins. Some of the common ingredients, which are part of the supplements, are:

1.      Iodine

2.    Bladderwreck seaweed and herb, named as ashwagondha.


There were some researches, which were conducted, and they tested around 10 popular thyroids boosting products and found that around nine of them are containing T3 and T4 and in some cases both. The quantity of the ingredients does vary and in some cases, you could find that they are having higher ingredients. According to Dr. Victor Bernet, chairperson for endocrinology told that these supplements are thyroid hormones as you are getting on the prescribed drugs.


According to reports and study, doctors have recommended that they should avoid all the dietary supplements. It has come to limelight that sweet spot is there in the diet which could be harmful and dangerous for the consumers. It has also been brought into focus that no supplements should be containing the prescription drugs, as they are illegal and immediately removed from the market.



Kang GY, Parks JR, Fileta B, et al. Thyroxin and triiodothyronine content in commercially available thyroid health supplements. Thyroid. 2013 Oct; 23 (10): 1233-7. doi: 10.1089/thy.2013.0101.

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