New Research Supports Fish Oil Use for Lower Blood Pressure
by Dr. Matthew  Schmitz  23-Apr-2014

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Fast life and unhealthy eating habits have exposed people to a large number of unhealthy lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, obesity and other cardiovascular diseases. People eating food with high fat content and not participating in regular physical work or exercise have given fair chance to these kinds of diseases to grow exponentially.


Blood pressure is a measure of pressure created by blood flow on the walls of arteries. When the heart pumps the blood on every beat, it creates certain pressure. Healthier the artery less pressure exerted on the walls of arteries. If arteries are stiff or blocked, it will be harder to pump blood to the heart. This puts heart in jeopardy. The heart is forced to pump harder, which leads the heart to failure.


Stages of blood pressure

1.                  Normal range: 120 to 80

2.                Hypertension range: over 139 from 80-89

3.                Stage 1 hypertension range: 159 to 90

4.                Stage 2 hypertension range: 160 to 100


Causes of blood pressure

·        Smoking

·        Obesity

·        Eating high fat food

·        Eating high amounts of salt

·        Old age

·        Genetic

·        Stress


Consequences of high blood pressure

If high blood pressure is not controlled earlier, it will be harder to manage its consequences later on. Ultimately, it leads to heart failure or heart attack, resulting in the death of the patient.


Can Fish oil reduce blood pressure?

The best cure is prevention. Eating healthy food and regular exercise will keep heart diseases away. However, for those who have already reached hypertension stage, a remedy can help in reduction of blood pressure. Fish oil is one of the effective remedy for lowering blood pressure, a research suggests.


Fish oil is generally effective in heart diseases due to the omega 3 fatty acids. Its two main constituents are omega-3 and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) that are beneficial in hypertension and mental diseases. According to experts, 1 gram of fish oil per day can help to reduce elevated hypertension if we take it regularly. Even the American heart Association has approved this fact. Actually, any food item, which contains omega-3 fatty acid, is advised for the blood pressure patients.


In a clinical analysis of randomized trial, 18 healthy subjects were taken to studying the effect of fish oil on blood pressure. Hypertensive subjects were tested for 6g to 12g of fish oil. Every six weeks, blood pressure was measured by center and daily by the subjects. It was observed that slightly lower blood pressure was observed during the test for 12g of dosage.

According to the clinical analysis, fish oil can lower the blood pressure by 1/5 to 3 percent per week. They examined the effects of omega-3 obtained from fish oil on subjects. They found that for their 31 studies on 1356 subjects, the average reduction of blood pressure was -3.0/-1.5 mm Hg. Here are the results for different dosages.


1. For dosage of less than 3g/d, the reduction in blood pressure was -1.3/-0.7 mm Hg.

2. For dosage of 3.3g/d to 7g/d, the reduction in blood pressure was -2.9/-1.6 mm Hg.

3. For dosage of 15g/d, the reduction in blood pressure was -8.1/-5.8 mm Hg.


They observed that both omega-3 and DHA had amazing effect on the blood pressure. Reduction in blood pressure was noticeable and clear.


According to the studies, hypertensive people can include fish oil in their daily diet to assist antihypertensive medicine to reduce the blood pressure effectively. However, efficacy of fish oil on other cardiovascular diseases is not yet reported.

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