Selenium & Vitamin E have no benefits in Prostate Cancer
by Shawn Hallum  17-Apr-2014

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Selenium is present in human cells and can normally be found in food materials, soil and water. It is essential for maintaining a healthy body. A high dosage of selenium Vitamin E supplementation has full capacity to maximize the rate of prostate cancer in men, a recent study suggests.


The selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial, shortly known as SELECT study was conducted in the year 2008 by the Government only to find out whether selenium and vitamin E, if taken alone may have the potentiality to decrease prostate cancer. However, the study was a failure as the result showed possibilities of various health risks.


Meanwhile, another study was conducted after testing the nutrient levels of men and then the necessary supplements were given to them. It was proved that men who had lower selenium levels in their body did not have the risk of getting prostate cancer.


On the contrary, for about 91% of men who had higher selenium levels had the risk of prostate cancer according to the study.


It was concluded Vitamin E supplementation did not lead men to prostate cancer but at the initial stage, the men with lower selenium levels had greater risk. Further research would prove to be beneficial.


A number of observational studies were conducted after selecting many participants, which included women participants as well and yet there was no special evidence of different effects in both the gender even though women had always suffered more due to cancer than the male communities had. Through the help of this research, it was pronounced that decrease in risk of certain type of cancers such as stomach cancers, prostate cancers, and bladder cancers.


It must not be denied that the above studies need more investigations then they deserve, as there are adequate number of limitations for the same. There is no special evidence that states selenium supplementations will result in preventing or reducing cancer rate. Although, the researchers were alerted after Nutritional Prevention of Cancer Trial (NPCT) and the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Trial (SELECT) because of the possibility of increased risk of type 2 diabetes, dermatitis and alopecia. An early research conducted by NPCT showed all participants with lowest blood selenium levels were gradually found to have reduction in getting cancer, especially prostate cancers that occurs in men.

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