Distinguishing between Men and women Depression
by Dr. Cathy  Wong  04-Apr-2014

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In the span of whole life, there could be a time, when one could become quite depressed. It is believed that emotions are one of the common aspects of the human being. In case if some person loses his/her dear one’s in an untoward accident at any point of time, then it is for sure that one would be sad for that particular day or for some span of time. Whereas in some situations, it could last for longer duration and could take some time to subside from the sadness. When an individual is in such a situation, then it could be mentioned that he/she has gone under depression. In case there is no precaution or care taken at the suitable time, then such a depression could lead to further health problems.


Core part of depression with respect to Men and women Symptoms

It is believed that women and men are sharing the same kind of depression symptoms. Some of the symptoms which could be highlighted are as under- lack of motivation from their near and dear ones, there could be disturbed in your sleep, changes in your food habits and appetite, pleasure could be lost, some kind of guilt feeling, etc. However, there are few studies, which depict that there are some changes with respect to the symptoms with respect to men and women.


One of the facts is that, in case of women when they are sad-they either show their emotions by crying as its one of the means through which they express their feelings. Whereas in case of men it is quite difficult because they do not like to express their feelings in open and they seem to be quite rigid about expressing their emotions to either their partners or friends.


Anger is more common in men

In case of men, they show their depression by showing their anger or irritability. Still, this symptom is available in women as well and there does not seem to be much different. No one is aware that what the percentage is for the same. It is believed that men do suffer twice that of women from the attacks of anger. In case of men, the symptom of anger is 3 times higher as compared to women.


What happens when men and women are under depression?


In case of Women

·         They are always blaming themselves, scared and feel ashamed of themselves, feel as if they are lethargic.

·         They do try to avoid conflicts at any point of time, further they feel like withdrawing when they are feeling hurt.

·         They try to be extra careful and concerned, they start believing that they were just born to fail in every aspect of their life, seems as if they would go on sleeping for long hours, it is difficult for them to set out their own boundaries.


In case of men

·         They believe that some other person is to be blamed for such a situation.

·         They feel agitated and restless, they do sleep quite little, they do feel ashamed of what they are, and they are having stronger feelings of going ahead with failure.

·         They believe that they could be treated in a better manner if their near ones are going to treat them.

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