Chinese Herbs can be Remarkable for your health
by Dr. Cathy  Wong  25-Mar-2014

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Chinese Herbs have been accounting for crucial level of treatments in traditional Chinese medicines. They have been utilized for quite a long time through the centuries. It has been realized that herbs are providing the natural means of maintaining and regaining health. There are numerous herbs, which are used with lots of formulas mixed together. There are some common herbs, which could be used alone, but still can produce remarkable and terrific outputs. Some of the Chinese’s medicines could be found in major areas of our markets and supermarket.


They could further help in administering at home for treating seasonal health conditions like flu and do help in staying healthy in the first place. Although it has been used quite widely across the globe, but one flaw is that it has never been documented in the perfect manner.


History with respect to Chinese Herbs

One of the traditionally renowned herbalists is SHENNONG who is considered as a mythical god-like-figure and is believed to have lived until 2800 BC. He got the opportunity of tasting the hundreds of herbs and he had imparted his knowledge with respect to medicinal and harmful plants for farmers. One of the oldest books with respect to Chinese medicines is SHENNONG BEN CAO JING, which classifies around 365 species about furs, woods, roots, stones and grass into three different sections. Some of the traditional Chinese medicines in which they are differentiated are as under:


1.       It could be mentioned as four natures in which you could witness hot, cool, warm and neutral about temperature. There are warm and hot medicines are used for treating cold diseases, whereas cold and cool herbs are used for treatment of heart diseases.

2.      Another option is five flavors, which could be translated as sweet, acrid, pungent, salty and sour. There could be some substances, which could have different, and many flavors in the world. Every flavor does respond or corresponds towards one-zang organs.

3.      The Meridians

4.      The specific functions - they generally include - transforming, supplementing, substances with regards to external applications


Medicines Preparations

The medicines are formulated across the globe through numerous means. Some of them are mentioned as:

*      Chinese herbal decoctions

*      Herbal powders

*      Syrups

*      Chinese patent formulas

*      Liniments


There are somewhere around 300 herbs, which have been commonly used now a days. Some of the common herbs, which are being used successfully in the market, are-


It has been used with respect to medicines from across 2000 years. It does contain ginsenosides and the amount does depend on how it was cultivated and root age. It is believed that wild ginsengs are quite rare and does command the costlier product, which is available in the market. They do come in two different forms, one is red and other is white.


They are being used for preventing some unique diseases, which are mentioned as menopausal syndrome, arthritis, skin ailments, and liver diseases, stress induced ulcers and many more.


Apart from the above-mentioned medicines, they do also have the following-Peony, Salvia, Astragalus and many more.

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