Boost your stamina with Beetroot
by Dr. Jagdev Singh  30-Sep-2013

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In a research work carried out by the University of Exeter, it is found that the commonly used Beetroot in every household boost stamina in the body. The presence of nitrate compound in the Beetroot reduces the intake of oxygen in the body while exercising or doing physical activity. In the study conducted by Andy Jones, Professor of University of Exeter proves the presence of nitrate contents in beetroot and role of nitrate in boosting stamina. They chose 8 men between the age of 18-38 and given a 500ml beetroot juice regularly for 6 consecutive days. On the other hand a separate set of 8 men with same age group consumed Placebo for 6 consecutive days. The blood sample was taken every day to monitor and evaluate during the research period. During the research it is found that on 4th to 6th day, the intake of oxygen during moderate exercise reduces for men on the beetroot juice diet. Nitrite presence is also high in beetroot case. Significant Reduction in systolic blood pressure is also noted during this period. The body metabolizes the nitrate compound into nitrite and nitric oxide, which is known to help blood flow, maintaining blood sugar level, muscle contraction and provides essential cellular energy. It is found that the athlete who consumes beetroot juice will finish the task more rapidly than others. This allows participants to do high intensity exercises for a long time, builds their muscle strength before normal routine. 

In a similar study conducted by researchers on cyclist, found the oxygen intake in moderate intensity cycling reduce by more than 19% and also increases the performance time of cyclist in high intensity situation by 17%. The men who consume beetroot juice needs less ATP as compared to other stamina boosters to produce the same force which results in less demand for Oxygen by the muscles. Beetroot juice helps in expanding the blood vessels and hence increase the efficiency of oxygen movement in the body. Nitrite contained in Beetroot also helps preventing blood vessels from injury and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Different studies conducted in various countries prove the enormous benefits of Beetroot in reducing blood pressure, building immunity, relieving pain, reducing blood sugar level.


Athletes and sportsperson has already started looking toward the research to increase their stamina and performance in the field. They prefer Beetroot juice instead of some artificial nitrate diet which doesn’t provide the same strength and benefits. Even the people involved in moderate to high intensity work in daily routine need to consume Beetroot juice to increase the efficiency and strength. Beetroot juice can also be taken with other food items like Carrot to increase the benefits. Due to its availability across the world makes it a favorite choice among others. It is advisable for Diabetes patients and high Blood pressure patients to consume Beetroot Juice daily. Rely on natural available nitrate food items for better health rather than artificial options available in the market which has many side effects. You can take Beetroot in the form of juice, as a salad or to make some food dish.

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