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With the endless herbs available, keeping herb information straight is difficult. That's why at Herbalist.com you'll find a search-friendly list of herbs -- the largest medicinal herbs list you'll find anywhere online. When you're looking for herbs information for maintaining health, treating illness or for any other reason, you'll find it all at Herbalist.com. Our comprehensive list includes herb names information all listed alphabetically to assist you with your search. Our herbs list even includes information about herbs you can grow in your own home, the best summertime herbs, advice on making your own herbal remedies and tinctures and even spices that have healing properties -- ones you probably already have on hand in your kitchen. Our list of herbs is extensive, but we're always eager to expand. That's why, although we already offer information on everything from abscess root to zucchini, we invite you to contact us if you don't find an herb you're looking for. Whatever your question about health, healing or herbs, you'll find it at Herbalist.com. If we are missing missing the herb you are looking for, please contact us and we will make every effort to publish information on the herb.