About Us

 1995, Adam Guild’s vocation to help others through the voice of herbalist.com was born.   Adam took classes at the American College of Healthcare Sciences to Master the art of herbalism.  

Since 1995, herbalist.com has helped millions of people gather information on countless health issues all around the world. We now have almost a full library of 1400 herbs.  In addition, we have created an app and online mapping tool using our proprietary database of local merchants who concentrate in natural health.  Our proprietary database has over 50,000 local US businesses who sell organic or “Good Products”.  We include large and small merchants to encourage all companies, giant to small, to support a better more natural life style through the products they sell. 

 In July of 2013, we began to sell supplements under the herbalist.com label. Our line was born from over a decade of readers asking us for brands they could trust… we created that brand.   Our supplements are all produced in a FDA inspected facility using natural non GMO ingredients.  They also tend to be Less expensive bc we try to pass our savings on to our customers in hopes that you will tell your friends.  

For patients who need medicinal Cannabis delivered to their homes in markets were it is legal - we will take your information and pass the referal to a sellect group of providers.   Everyone who works for herbalist.com and their families use the supplements we sell and believe in the medicines we help dispense.  

If you see something you like or would like to change we hope you will tell us.   We are only as good as our weakest link but we also thrive on encouragement.  We hope you enjoy our sites content.   We are a small company with a large conscience.     Thank you for supporting herbalist.com.  Adam Guild