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At many times, people confuse hyperthermia with fever. Both are not same. Hyperthermia is a medical symptom not a disease and needs to be taken care very seriously. In simple terms, it can be defined as a constant rise in body temperature above the normal rate. The symptoms can be said as warning signs because if not treated, it will lead to death of the person. The effect of hyperthermia includes Heat stroke, Fatigue, uneasiness, dizziness, profuse sweating, dry mouth, etc. In certain exceptional cases, it must be treated with absolute care and diligence. The fact is it has great potential to threaten the life of the person.


Fever vs. Hyperthermia


Fever is an elevation of body temperature because of resetting of set point of hypothalamus in response to exogenous and endogenous pyroxens.



Hyperthermia is an elevation of the body temperature above the set point of hypothalamus because of failure of heat dispersing mechanism of the body.


Hyperthermia vs. Hypothermia

A normally healthy person would always keep the balance between heat production and heat loss so as to avoid Hypothermia as well as Hyperthermia. So one has to maintain the optimum level of temperature and where there is a drop in temperature due to prolonged exposure to cold temperature the person would be affected by Hypothermia. Especially during the winter season, the risk of cold exposure occurs and this would follow by many undue risks.


If one has sudden exposure of heat during a spring hike or due to capsizing sail there is a high possibility of Hyperthermia.


Herbal treatment of hyperthermia:

The best medicine for treating hyperthermia is by drinking lots of fluids. If you want to consider some herbal therapies, you should cautiously consult your physician before acting anything foolishly. I have also discussed a few of the herbs in it that can be widely used for treating the problem.


Achillea Millefollum

This herb can be used for treating high fever. If you are a pregnant woman or new mom, please avoid taking this due to the risk of later effects.


Willow Bark

The pregnant women and new moms should exclude this herb just like the above herb. Alternatively, they can also consult a doctor, if the fever has crossed to an unimaginable rate. Even in that case, taking this herb internally must be the last thing they should do as it contains side effects.


Cider Vinegar

One of the symptoms of hyperthermia includes Dry Skin and other skin related problems. Hence, cider vinegar helps to reduce this problem to an extent. For this, you have to intake small quantity of it as suggested by your physician.



While experiencing fatigue, dizziness, vomiting sensation, lemon plays a significant role in treating the same. You can either take it internally or inhale the fragrance by cutting into pieces. If you are out of time, you can drink fluids such as water for hydrating your body.


Lavender oil or eucalyptus oil:

The continued exposure to heat initially causes heat rash and boils on the upper skin of the body. Therefore, essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus oil helps in the process of eliminating the problem at the very core.


Upon considering the above facts and solutions for hyperthermia, it was very intriguing to know hyperthermia therapies are used for treating cancer and AIDS affected persons. Some people might think it as ridiculous but if you check it online, you will be surprised.

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