Beneficial Herbs for bruise
by Dr. Jagdev Singh03-Sep-2013

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A bruise is a mere contusion that is wounding of the epidermis and tissues due to friction. Our skin is delicate and whenever anything comes in contact with it in a rough manner, we get bruise wherein our skin and tissues tear and blood clots in the place. Due to the friction we also get some germs and infections in the blood and so the accident site needs to be cleaned using a disinfectant. Often our capillaries get damaged due to the collision or rough rubbing. The main symptoms of bruise are the skin color at the site of wound change to violet or navy blue, torn tissues, bleeding, pain, swelling and soreness. The main issue arises only when the bruise are not light and are of a severe nature. Rough and severe bruise can lead to internal bleeding and fractures. Bruise are general but can be fatal.


Herbs can cure bruise and give instant relief. Herbs are the best way to cure any disease.



Eucalyptus plant is one of the major gifts from nature to humans. The plant is famous for solving malaria but it also cures bruise and related problems. The herb is a highly recommended medicinal plant which has been used since ages. Drinking eucalyptus water or eating eucalyptus leaves can cure sweating and germ building issues. Eucalyptus oil is also quite healthy for bruise and torn skin. Eucalyptus strengthens the skin and the epidermis layer. It is a disinfectant as well as a healing agent.



Neem is a plant which acts kills germs and acts as a disinfectant. Nowadays many soap cakes come with Neem extracts. Although Neem does not have any good smell but it kills germs and prevents them from growing in sweaty areas of our body. Neem prevents germ build up and sweat from smelling. Bruise can be healed by applying need lotion on the affected areas. It kills all the infections and rejuvenates the skin and capillaries.



Arnica is another herb which is very effective. It is a healing herb and also provides immunity. It acts as a tetanus injection and sanctifies the bruised area. Arnica oil helps in joining the tissues and strengthening them.



Bilberry tree leaves are good for bruise. The tea made out of the leaves is good for health and its flavinoids also heal wounds and bruise. The purple colored berries add a great taste to the tea and many nutrients too. It improves blood circulation and regulates blood pressure. It also opens up blocked capillaries.


Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil mixed with two teaspoons of lavender oil and one teaspoon of honey relieves of pain caused by bruising. Apply the mixture every eight hours for an effective healing. It is a pain reliever and also strengthens tissues. Honey provides energy to the torn capillaries and tissues thereby increasing the speed of re-attaching them.


These herbs are the best medicines found in the womb of the Mother Nature. The goddess has provided us with gifts which have no side effects and only benefits and lots of benefits.

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