Tremor and its herbal Treatments
by Dr. Jagdev Singh31-Aug-2013

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Tremors are referred as the involuntarily disturbed movements of any portion of the body. It is generally considered to be affecting the hands, head and the lower arms. There has been no specific age specified for its occurrence but more likely is going to affect the elderly people. They are usually considered as neurological disorders like the Parkinson’s but can also occur due to the emotional stress. Although the Tremors are quite normal but make sure that you consult the health practitioner when you are suffering from it. As if not treated at the right time with the right medicines, it can result in disorder in the day to day activities and can result in further complications related to your health.


Types of Tremors

There are large numbers of tremors which occur, but let’s share the details with regard to common Tremors -Essential Tremor (It generally impacts the hands and the head of the body but it is also uncertain that which portion of body part it’s going to affect), Parkinsonian Tremor, Dystonic Tremor, and Cerebellar Tremor ( intention Tremor).


Causes of the Tremors

It occurs when the parts of the brain or the spinal cords are having difficulty in controlling the muscles in the body parts. Neurological disorders can cause uncontrollable tremors which can be mentioned as-stroke, multiple sclerosis, head injury etc.  Whereas some other causes are stress, heredity, anxiety, Rage, Mercury poisoning, Wilson’s disease etc.


Signs and symptoms of Tremor

When to look or consult the practitioner is one of the high priority questions- because individuals should be aware about it that when he/she should proceed.  So please check for the following options and move ahead to meet the doctor-when the tremor is prolonged, interferes with the life and tremor is low at rest, when you are experiencing some headaches, weakness, abnormal tongue motions, muscle tightening etc.


5 Herbs for overcoming the Tremor

The treatment of the Tremor would depend on the kind of tremor diagnosed by the doctor. But for sure the medications with beta blockers or anticonvulsant drugs may be used for the essential treatment. Although there are many options for tremor and herbal treatments are available, we will discuss some of them which can be mentioned for the hand tremor are:


Skull Cap - Scutellaria lateriflora

Skullcap (Scutrllaria lateriflora) is used for the relaxation of the mind and also helps in reducing the anxiety of our brain and results in reducing the tremor of the hands. Consumption of the few grams of the skullcap per day or taking a couple of cups of distilled tea per day can serve the patient purpose.

Passion flower

It is widely popular in America and Europe. An increased level of the chemical reduces the activity of the brains.


Valerian is the oldest medicine. Normally, it is suggested to be used as the tea by mixing the root of the tree and hot water thrice a day.

Fish or cod liver oil

It helps in reducing the inflammation and can also keep the neurons fine and fit.

Kava Kava

It is considered as the ritual drink in the islands of the pacific. It works as the calming agent for the hands.

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