Chest Pain
by Dr. Jagdev Singh31-Aug-2013

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Chest pains can be fatal if not attended in time. Nature has a treatment for chest pains but these cures take time. Herbs are the most natural and the best way of treatment and provide an effective solution. Ayurveda, the Indian way of treatment, only prescribes treatment through herbs. A nature that is mother goddess has in store for us everything and one of her blessings is herbs. Chest pains can happen due to acidity, cold, cough and heart attacks. Chest pains happen to people who are constantly in tension and do not have a healthy lifestyle. Chest pains and the best herbs for it are:



Arnica is an herb that relieves pain and cures soreness in chest muscles and ribs. It is also one of the best pain relievers in the world. Arnica oil can be used to relieve tension and chest pains. Arnica eases pressure on blood vessels and releases gas present in the food pipe. The massage of Arnica helps curing bruises too. Applying Arnica oil on scalp and hair eases tension.



This herb is prescribed by Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, Somalis, Greek as well as Romans as a healing herb for most of the sicknesses. Many people regularly eat garlic in their meal courses to increase metabolism and purify blood. Garlic regulated blood circulation and eases pressure in blood pressure thus regulating it. Garlic also improves immunity and provides strength. It treats chest diseases like tuberculosis and arteriosclerosis. It regulates heart beats and prevents chances of heart attack. It also burns cholesterol and body fat thus helping in weight loss. Lemon and garlic, taken together are very effective in relieving chest pains.



Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and can be easily bought from the market. It is one such herb which is available in every home and is also recommended. It provides a vast range of benefits such as weight loss, regulation of blood circulation and heart beats etc. Lemon is a source of high quality Vitamin C. It helps to ease the pressure exerted on blood vessels and muscle tissues. It regulates blood pressure nullifies the effect of bruises. It increases the metabolism rate and cures acidity and related problems thus easing chest pain



Basil is another effective medicine used to cure chest pains. It provides an anti-inflammatory effect and cures Cardio vascular problems. Eaten as a garnishing ingredient, basil strengthens bones and muscles. It also prevents clogging and blockage. It prevents oxidation of cholesterol in blood vessels and also prevents it build up. It helps in proper secretion of thyroid and other hormones. Magnesium found in Basil helps in the proper regulation of cardiac activities.



Alfalfa contains high amount of chlorophyll which eases chest pains and regulated blood vessels. It also cures lung related problems and also prevents smoking. Alfalfa is good for the heart as well as lungs.


Hibiscus Tea:

Eating hibiscus flower cures piles and chest problems. People who have acidity problems can cure it by drinking hibiscus water or tea. It helps in relaxation and is a prescribed herb by the Chinese.

These are some of the most effective herbs provided by nature for chest pains.

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